Have you ever felt like, the harder you try to develop your vision, there always seems to be resistance from the very people you are trying to help? You are called of God, and trained in your area of calling, but yet you can’t break through the next level in your calling. You don’t need another conference showing you the “Seven Steps to the secret sauce of …”. Have you ever wished you had a team of qualified leaders available to you, who are willing to invest in your vision, to see it succeed? 

The time has come! CLDI has been birth out of the heart of , Leslie Richardson. He is a man after God’s heart, who has planted ministries and led congregations for almost thirty years. After decades of ministry and experiences of working in the Kingdom of God, he has heeded the call from God to raise up Leaders of Leaders! Thus, CLDI was born through the collaboration of a team of dedicated Christians, from various walks of life. The Lord has given life to something long overdue in the Kingdom of God.

As Leslie Richardson has said many times over…” the church has done an adequate job of gathering followers, but not such a good job of developing leaders."CLDI is a compilation of various leadership models, strategically positioned to empower any organization no matter the size, or budget. CLDI – comes to serve an existing leadership team, with team development and personal mentoring and training in Kingdom Leadership.



In response to the call of God on his life, Leslie has yielded this call to raise up “Leaders of Leaders.” Thus, he is the founder of the Christian Leadership Development Institute (1CLDI.COM). Working with his team, God has opened up a higher level of leadership to him, and his awesome team at CLDI. The business model of CLDI is uniquely equipped to impact any existing vision model and complement its existing vision with extraordinary results. CLDI is always looking for people, who have a desire to raise the standard in Christian Leadership Development. Leslie Richardson is a published author, of “The Office of The Prophet” 2nd edition. Schedule a 15 min phone interview with Leslie Richardson today.

CLDI Vision Statement

Our vision of CLDI is to provide extraordinarily effective processes of kingdom influence maximizing the efforts of Christian leadership to achieve a predetermined goal

  • God breathed
  • that has a limitless capacity
  • with a tailored approach
  • that is relevant



CLDI Mission Statement

The Christian Leadership Development Institute provides God-Inspired and Relevant Educational Leadership Training and Support to Christian Church Leaders and Organizations, using a tailored approach that utilizes their unique Strengths to help them advance the Kingdom of God.


Through our team's collaboration, we have determined a very efficient way to serve other Christian Leaders and business owners. Our approach is unique because we recognize there are several ways to approach any situation. So we partner with you in the spirit of serving. We recognize there are sincere people who have a lot of great things they are doing so we first want to complement what they are already doing. 

  • Appreciative Inquiry - Using the AI model, building on the 4 pillars, Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny your trained facilitators will spend quality time with your team and develop a cohesive strategy, which allows the team to operate on their next level of proficiency.
  • John Maxwell - Our Certified Trainers will develop a team building strategy for developing a healthy culture of Leadership unparalleled by any other platform.
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability - Our Certified trainers will introduce your team to a proven method of Leadership Development unprecedented, allowing your team to, Own it, See it, Solve it and Do it!
  • Intentional Community - We train each team how to host effective feedback session to maximize the training, to ensure the greatest return on their investment.

After a brief interview with one of our team members, they will walk you through steps to show you how you can partner with CLDI. There is no cost for the initial interview. After our team determines the best approach for your team, we will present a proposal of how to get started.

Please schedule your initial phone interview today, by choosing a time that’s best for your schedule.