Become An Affiliate With CLDI

I’m sure you have recognized the lack of Leadership in our world today.  Unfortunately, we have come to a tipping point, and if we do not do something now our future is not going to be very bright.

CLDI is here to assist all who are interested in becoming World-Class Leaders on a global platform.

CLDI has an unwavering vision to plant ten Leadership Centers around the world. All you have to do is become an affiliate and begin to promote our products and services to the world. Leaving the heavy lifting to us and our world-class Leadership Development training.We do all the training and development while you earn commission by marketing our services and products.

When a new CLDI center is planted the affiliate will not only receive personal training and development from our Founder & Servant Leader Leslie Richardson. They will be given the opportunity to gain access to our world-class global training through The John Maxwell Team, facilitated by Executive Director and Certified Trainer Leslie Richardson. As an affiliate of CLDI, commissions are right around the corner, all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate or sell one of our products or services. This will grant you permission to market our services and earn income immediately.

After the affiliate has three sales of our product or services they will be afforded an exclusive offer to plant a CLDI center anywhere in the world. CLDI is committed to assisting our CLDI Journey Partners with the tools for success. We want to help make you and those you love winners in this game we call life.

CLDI will sow back into the centers planted by our Affiliates up to 30% of its revenues generated on behalf of the CLDI Center.

This offer is for a limited time for the first 12 people who sign up to become affiliates. The affiliate will have 60 days to generate sales. After the Affiliate has generated three paying clients (or 6 paying affiliates) they will have earned a right to plant their own CLDI Center. Each center will have exclusive rights to all the leads generated from their team’s efforts.

Become an Affiliate Today! Let us help you realize your dreams!

Here’s is what’s inside:

  • Certification and Personal Training By CLDI

  • World Class Training Via The John Maxwell Team

  • Global Recognition

  • Personal Coaching and Training From Leslie Richardson

  • Right To Market and Sale CLDI Full Curriculum

  • Unique Affiliate Link And Login To Back Office

  • Sales And Tracking Of Activity Click-Through Rate

  • Instant Commissions Reports

  • Unlimited Earning Potential