Looking For Direction In Your Personal Growth and Development in The Five Fold?

Welcome! My name is Leslie D. Richardson I'm the Founder of CLDI and the Vision Bearer of The Apostolic Prophetic Convergence, where The Body of Christ is being equipped to function in the fullness of Five Fold Ministry on every level and Dimension. I host a weekly Online Zoom Conference Call with different guest to discuss the topic of the Five Fold Ministry.

Access to the call is free however you must be registered to attend, the meeting. Sign up by clicking the Link Below, after you are registered you will be given access to the meeting. Please do not wait for till the last minute to log on to the meeting as seats are limited.

Bring your Mind Body and Soul to this call and I'm sure you will be blessed. This is where you can ask your questions on this topic and grow in your calling and gifting.

True leadership is NOT accidental...It is INTENTIONAL.

I know you're not on this page by chance so allow me to ask you the following questions...

Do you have a desire to operate on a deeper level in your ministry?

Are you in need of more training in the prophetic and apostolic?

Has God been dealing with you in areas of ministry and you feel stuck?

If so, then allow me to join you on your journey as a Journey Partner.

This partnership is not based on me telling you what to do...it's based on me helping you EXPLORE and BREAK OUT of your comfort zone to discover your limitless potential. 

If you're ready for the journey, click on the registration banner below to get connect to our weekly Online Zoom Meeting to reserve your seat at our next Apostolic Prophetic Convergence Equipping session.

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Journey Partners

Helping You To Discover Your Maximium Potential

Leadership is not accidental, it is INTENTIONAL.