Looking For Direction In Your Personal and Career Growth?

Welcome! My name is Leslie D. Richardson and I'm looking to be your "Journey Partner"...why? 

Because after decades of ministry, business building and leadership experiences, I am heeding the call from God to raise up Leaders of Leaders. I believe you have God-given gifts and potential and I want your permission to walk alongside you in the dreams and goals that you have for your life. Not only that, but I want to help you to explore your boundless potential and develop you into the leader I know you're called to be.

True leadership is NOT accidental...It is INTENTIONAL.

I know you're not on this page by chance so allow me to ask you the following questions...

What do you really want?

Do you know the price it will cost you to attain what you really want?

Are you willing to pay the price, for what you really want?

If so, then allow me to join you on your journey as a Journey Partner.

This partnership is not based on me telling you what to do...it's based on me helping you EXPLORE and BREAK OUT of your comfort zone to discover your limitless potential. 

If you're ready for the journey, click on the offer below to schedule your FREE Coaching Session with me. 

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Journey Partners

Helping You To Discover Your Maximium Potential

Leadership is not accidental, it is INTENTIONAL.